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Working Together Many thanks for expressing an interest in getting involved with Angel Heart Ministry. We have already presented on our home and mission statement pages the "Who We Are" and "What We Do." We will now explain how to get involved with our ministry.

There are two types of partnerships within AHM, the prayer partnership and the financial supporter partnership. Prayer is the driving force behind AHM therefore we need many people to sign up and become an AHM prayer warrior. The duties of an AHM prayer warrior consist of praying for AHM, the recipients of the angels, their families, and all that come in contact with them.

Along with the prayer partnerships we need financial partnerships. The cost of an angel, shipping, prayer cards, batteries, and fliers are approximately $6.50 per unit. If an opportunity presents itself and we can hand deliver an angel, the cost then drops to $4.00 per unit. We strive to get the angels into as many hands as the need arises.

Matthew 23:11 says "the greatest among you shall be your servant." Jesus Christ chose to walk through life with a servant's heart, even though it was paved with humility and self sacrifice. He ministered to the lame, the sick, the dying, the poor and the hungry. He provided us with the best examples of how we are to live; with kindness, a willing heart and a sincere love for others, expecting nothing in return.

The greatest commandment is to love Christ and love others. We demonstrate the love of Christ when we are unselfish; not only by putting the wants and needs of others first, but also by serving them with a humble heart. It is this type of love that we share at AHM. If you feel the same way, we encourage you to be a servant with us.

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